Welcome to The Lost Link. An independent record label since 1999.
Take control of your music.
More than music.
The Lost Link is much more than a record label. It is a lifestyle which embodies and empowers its artists to manage themselves. Our focus has always been on individual development, independence, power and wisdom. Our flagship artist: KWOTE SCRIPTURES is an example of our goals and motto. 
Services regarding our artists
Below you will find a few services that we offer: album work, voice over talent or guest appearances on your projects. We offer plenty of other services and options that can enhance your project. Send us your idea and we will reply promptly with details on how to proceed. Let’s work together to make beautiful music.
Looking to develop your album? We can pair you up with award winning producers who have history in the game.
Voice Overs
Have a voice that could be worth millions? Let’s hear it. Our agenda going forward is based on voice over talent. There are many opportunities in this field.
For hire
Need an artist to feature on your track? Add one of our artists to your single, album or remix. Let’s add some creativity to your project.
Contact Us:
We can be reached via: email and various social media platforms. Submit your contact information to keep in touch and be the first to know about our latest projects. 

Where to find us:
Stamford, CT 06902