Righteous Kill – The movie (i’m in it)

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This update will cover my brief stint as a New York City Police Officer (no Rick Ross, this was only for the movie) in the upcoming film titled: “Righteous Kill” starring none other than: Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, 50 Cent, John Leguizamo, Donnie Walhberg and more (visit IMDB.COM). The club scene was filmed in my city, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Righteous Kill – in theaters September 12, 2008

What started as a simple role of an extra in a party scene, actually ended up as a role of a cop which would eventually make the trailer for the film. You should be well aware of “Righteous Kill” by now if you’ve been to theater in the past few months. This is a picture of myself (KWOTE SCRIPTURES), from the scene which is in the trailer (there are more photos in the gallery):

KWOTE SCRIPTURES as Officer White on the set of Righteous Kill

The entire experience was great! I was able to crack jokes with Pacino and 50 Cent at the time. DeNiro was pretty occupied so I didn’t want to disrupt his train of thought. 50 Cent was actually cool, contrary to popular belief, based on reports from the media. He was very personable and even cracked jokes with the rest of the extras on the set, after every take. Jim Jones was also in the scene that was being filmed performing his hit song: “Ballin (We Fly High)”. Make sure you check out the movie next Friday.

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