8.17.08 – Poison Pen’s Video Shoot

Hello World,

Henny! Poison Pen at his Video Shoot. Doing it up proper.

It’s been a week since the last update but there is much to type about. Sunday, August 17th was a fun day because Poison Pen had a video shoot in Brooklyn, NY. A good amount of people within Pen’s network showed up to take part in a good video shoot. There were many advance notices about being on time and it’s importance for the video that was about to take place. I’m not one to follow rules that much but I made the exception because Pen is family. I got there on time; noticed “he” wasn’t around and instantly began documenting an episode of “KWOTE SCRIPTURES’ Roast Poison Pen” session along with the people in attendance.

Disclaimer: Poison Pen doesn’t drive, so I gave him a pass due to that unknown fact.

At this point, I had to step outside and grab a charger for one of my many gadgets. Low and behold, Pen and a good amount of cohorts show up and are speaking outside. We all said what’s up, then I began to heckle Pen for being late to his own video shoot.

A few chess games took place with parcipants such as: Hasan Salaam, Rugged-N-Raw, myself and a few other folks whose names have slipped my mind.

Photo and Video footage were captured throughout the shoot and will be posted on: youtube.com/kwotescriptures. Footage will be posted up in the next few days, preferrably Friday, August 22nd. I’m the best in the game when it comes to capturing footage. Who do you know that can video tape and take great pictures at the same time? Me. That’s who! Photos will be added to my photo page under the title: Poison Pen’s Video Shoot.

All in all this was a fun day and the video will showcase that as well.



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